Monday, February 6, 2012!

Last week, the editors of Judge My Ride (JMR) put out a call for an intern that could help promote the site via Facebook. I put in my application and, within a few hours, I got the job!

If you've never heard of Judge My Ride, you've been missing out! JMR was designed to provide riders with a unique opportunity to receive feedback from a number of highly qualified judges, riders, and trainers. All you have to do is sign up for an account on the JMR website (don't worry -- it's free and only takes a few minutes!), post photos or videos of your riding, and wait for your critique.

I have personally used JMR to gain a different perspective on my dressage work with Sam. I've found that having a fresh pair of eyes can sometimes cultivate a different way of thinking, especially if I've been grappling with an issue for a while. Most recently, JMR's dressage judge, Jennifer Barrows, gave me a few tips to transition my leg from a very huntseat pose to a more elongated dressage silhouette. Instead of thinking about twisting my toes into a more forward-pointing position, she suggested that I take a few minutes to think about rolling my thighs more inward, without stirrups, at the beginning of my ride to let my legs loosen up, stretch downward, and wrap around Sam's ribs with better contact. Within a few rides, I could already feel improvement!

Even if you already have a relationship with a trainer, I strongly encourage you to join the discussions on JMR. It's an excellent way to promote your sales horses, discover what the judges are looking for in the ring, and meet up with like-minded riders the world over. You may even be featured on the website or Facebook pages!

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